Mar 23, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler – Lesson 3

This lesson we will focus on forming sentences with:
1) ‘this’ and ‘that’

  • This – kore これ
  • That – sore それ
  • That (Very far from speaker) – are あれ

2) ‘this place’ and ‘that place’

  • This place – koko ここ
  • That place – soko そこ
  • That place (Very far from speaker) – asoko あそこ

When using in this form:

[This/ that] is [noun]

[This place/ that place] is [noun]

The Japanese translation is very similar to that of Lesson 2, same grammar structure:

This is a pencil. = kore wa enpitsu desu. = これは鉛筆です。(enpitsu = pencil)

That (place) is my house. = soko wa watashi no ie desu. = そこは私の家です。(ie = home)

3) ‘This thing’ and ‘that thing’

  • This (thing) – この
  • That (thing) – その
  • That (thing) (Very far from speaker) – あの

This bag is black in colour = kono kaban wa kuroi desu. = このかばんは黒いです。

In the above case. we are using this form:
[This (noun)] is [adjective].