Dec 10, 2008

Little Nonya

Have you watched the latest Channel 8 serial - 小娘惹?

Together with the serial, there are a series of new media initiatives accompanying the serial. For instance, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with selected casts, and even 番外篇.

Usually 番外篇 are packaged as SPs in japanese serials or as MTVs for taiwanese serials, especially for the theme songs. 番外篇 also usually refers to future developments or alternative storylines using the same cast/ main characters.

However in this case, it's different. Rather than calling the videos 番外篇, perhaps 落网镜头 is more appropriate, as these are actually bits and pieces which supports the main story, what it is airing now.

I liked their arrangement of the videos, the 情 series, which covers various types of love: 爱情,怨情,主仆情,师徒情。。。This also shows that the story is all encompassing, and not just on BGR and family politics.

Nevertheless, it would have been wonderful if these videos were really 落网镜头, shots cut from the original serial, and repackaged as the 情 series. From observation, these videos were taken separately, and not at the same set.

But anyway, I enjoy the 番外篇 and would be staying tune to catch all 20 of them. :)

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