Dec 7, 2008

JLPT's Over!

Yeah... JLPT 2's over!
So, what's left is only the 3 months' wait to the results...
*crossed fingers*

This year's venue was at SMU,
it's a rather big change,
as all the years of JLPTs which I've taken were all at the Japanese School (Changi Campus).
A bit 'ulu' but it's pretty 懐かしい for me.
I missed the cute little wooden tables and chairs,
the wooden sliding doors which you see on Japanese drama serials,
and the procedure of putting our footwear in the shoe cabinets outside the classrooms,
before entering the primary school classrooms for exams.
Mmm.. too bad, I did not have a chance to snap a few pictures of those furniture.
I remembered that once, I took the exam in the library.
It's rather interesting to observe that the books are arranged by hiragana あ、い、う、え、お.
And of course the expeditions from the Changi Campus to Tampines, by foot, or the long tedious wait for cabs, as the buses are all filled once we are released from the exam halls.

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