Nov 30, 2008

Love Amplified

Yeah, I'm back from my first outdoor concert
at Fort Canning Hill- Love Amplified
also known as the "World Aids Day Concert".
It's quite an experience to watch a concert
on a hill slope
under the stars.
(but, it's star-less that night at Fort Canning though)
And yes, we had a little picnic at the concert too.

My deepest impression?
That would probably be the Dim Sum Dollies.
That's the first time I saw their performances.
They really tickled my funny bone,
with their impersonations of the carpark pontianak & the singapore girl.
I would probably keep a lookout for more of their performances.

And of course the highlight would be

(It's a really blurry picture,
taken using my bad-at-nightshots-old-camera
pardon me ;P)

She sang a medley of 3 songs and another hit, 绿光.
If only, there were more.

For clearer pictures of the concert,
pls visit
this facebook album instead.
Thanks, Victor, for the pictures!

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