Nov 28, 2008

Tips for Work

Yes, I shouldn't be here...
I should be studying for my JLPT.

I couldn't resist taking a blog break.

Many of us would probably hear this statement
“Do you have any feedback?” during this time of the year
This is the period of appraisal for most of us, well, usually.
Thus when I came across this article:
The Double Meaning of "Feedback"
It couldn't be more timely.

It says:
Unlike the boomers and the Xs, who will associate feedback with assessment and judgement, “..when a Y says ‘I'd like more feedback,’ they are almost always expressing a desire to learn more. They are not in the assessment/judgment mode, along with its inevitable prize or demerit outcome...”

But I guess, time is a huge factor though.
When the question of feedback is posed at appraisals,
one can't help but link it to judgement of performance, right?
Whereas on a normal day,
feedback is, of course, welcomed in order to improve.
In fact timely feedback would be even better,
when the context is still fresh in mind,
it's much easier to remember and learn.

Next on:
How to Keep Your Temper at Work (And Everywhere Else)
“…We don't get angry at facts; we get angry at our interpretation of facts. This means, that we have a choice about how we respond to an event or person that triggers our anger…”

and the article also shares on a process tool which we can use,
so that we will not end up like the giraffe below...


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