Jun 23, 2013

The Eating Guide in Macau

First time in Macau, and not sure what to do during the short 2-day-1-night getaway? Why not have a mini gourmet tour in the midst of your shopping at Macau?

Here's a compilation of my hits with Macau's food galore:


黄枝记 is rather famous in Macau, with quite a number of branches. From the web reviews, she is famous for her wanton mee and pork chop bun.

Personally, I like their wanton, but not their mee. It's the very thin and kind of tough type. Guess we, Singaporeans, are not used to their wanton mee.

I like their Pork Chop Bun. The bun is soft and crispy on the outside. And they aren't stingy with the pork chop. It is literally a big piece, like what I would have if I ordered Pork Chop in local kopitiam.

How to get there?
I went to the branch at Senado Square, the easiest to locate, and also the most convenient since it is at the tourist spot. It is near the fountain. You wouldn't miss the gold and yellow decor.

To get to Senado Square, you can take the free shuttle bus from Galaxy Hotel and alight at 新马路. The bus stop is opposite Macau Square. Just walk about 10 - 15 minutes and you will reach Senado Square. You can take the return bus along the same street as where you have alighted. The Galaxy Hotel staff are very sweet. On rainy days, they station themselves at the bus stops with umbrellas to shelter us as we board and alight the bus!

Lord Stow's Bakery

What's Macau without Portuguese Egg Tarts, right?

You definitely have to try them. They are the best Portuguese Egg Tarts I have ever tasted. Sweet, yet not too sweet; rich, yet not too rich. And certainly very fragrant. I liked the balance.

You can buy a box, which is about half a dozen. It costs slightly less than MOP 50 for a box.

Best to eat them fresh from the oven, like all pastries. If you leave them overnight as breakfast, like me, they became sweeter. And then it tastes, just like the ones in Singapore bakeries. Not special anymore.

How to get there?
Again, there are a few branches, but the easiest to locate is at Venetian Hotel. Most hotels have free shuttle buses to Venetian Hotel, so do catch a ride on them. Lord Stow's Bakery is located on the Mask Street in the shopping complex of Venetian Hotel.

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Don't underestimate the shopping complex in Venetian Hotel. It's HUGE! It took us quite a while to find Lord Stow's Bakery. Be armed with their map before you start searching. As a guide, the bakery is located near the man-made rivers/ canals.

The Eight 8

Enough of snacking? Now's for the main course! Have a star-studded dim sum lunch at The Eight at Grand Lisboa. This restaurant is awarded with 2 Michelin stars. :)

Some of the must try:




For more juicy details, check out my full review on my dining experience at Eight.

What I like best about Eight are the finely sculpted, delicious dim sum (some are so adorable that I can't bear to eat them), their service and the affordable pricing. We had a very full dim sum lunch, and yet it only cost as much as a typical lunch/ dinner at a franchised Chinese restaurant in Singapore.

How to get there?
The Eight 8
Grand Lisboa, Level 2

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Have fun exploring the eateries at Macau!

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