Jun 23, 2013

Michelin Star-Studded ~ The Eight at Grand Lisboa (Macau)

Finally! It's my turn to try a Michelin-star-awarded restaurant. Ever since I have heard about the gourmet indulgences my friends have when they dine at Michelin-star-awarded restaurants in Europe, I have been looking forward to my own gourmet indulgence. But cost has always been a factor hindering it.

Unknowingly, for this year's annual family trip, I stumbled upon The Eight, a 2-Michelin-star restaurant, during my course of research on Macau. And... the lunch menu, surprisingly, was within budget~ Yeah!

I'm so glad for my chance encounter... It is definitely the best start to my makan adventure at Michelin-star-awarded restaurants.

Located at Grand Lisboa, one of the iconic buildings in Macau, the restaurant had a very posh entrance. As we were led into the restaurant, projections of goldfish swam along with us as we entered the dining area.

Do note that they have a dress code. The dress code is smart casual. No slipper, no T-shirts and no sandals.

Lunch starts from 11.30am. Once the restaurant opened at 11.30am, diners started to stroll in. Luckily, I have made reservation! Soon, it was fully filled with customers, yum-cha-ing away.

Their waitress crew has different nationalities. Hence, do not worry if you are like me, extremely bad at Cantonese. They have someone who is a native speaker in English to attend to us.

Make an online reservation first via their website. On the website, it is stated that they recommend us to reserve two weeks in advance. I reserved mine one month in advance! :P

The first dish served was the appetizer, made of abalone and beef. It's on the house~ Everyone has a set, by the way. :)

Unfortunately, even if you don't take beef, you can't change the dish, since it's free.

Now here's the dim sum galore you have been waiting for~ some of them are really so cute, that it seems a pity to eat them...

霸王淡水鮮蝦金魚餃 Goldfish shaped prawn dumplings


It is very long! And crunchy on the inside. Very different from our local Chee Cheong Fan.


There are two options of ordering the Chau Siew Bao, you can have it steamed or pan-fried. This is the pan-fried one, which is recommended by the waitress. Only the bottom is pan-fried after it is steamed. The combination is wonderful! This is my mum's favourite.


Baked rice in roast suckling piglet. This is a recommended dish by reviewers on Openrice, hence I gave it a try too. We had to wait 45 minutes before it was ready. However, it was quite disappointing. I found it too oily. Perhaps it does not suit the tastebuds of non-locals.

Now's dessert time~


Made up of two buns - red-bean flavoured and bird nest flavoured. Probably the most kawaii dessert~

白玉无花小凤酥配雪梨雪糕 Pear flavoured sherbet and pastry

鴛鴦金魚凍 Mango and almond flavoured jelly goldfishes


Black and White sesame pudding with sesame ice-cream. What's special is the ice-cream, which is mixed with real sesame seeds.

Finally it ended with Portuguese egg tarts and a very sweet milk tea. Mmm.. for the egg tarts, I still think Lord Stow's Bakery has the best Portuguese egg tarts. But the egg tarts and milk tea are on the house again, so.. no complaints. :P

Overall, besides the mouthwatering, kawaii sculpted dim sum, I also liked the service there. The timing which they serve the food is timed just nice. I've finished this dish, soon after some small talk, another one is served, and another. A continuous, yet right tempo, which keeps the dining momentum going. Just nice, which did not made me feel uncomfortable, like they are rushing me.

Other aspect of the service which I liked is their initiative. Seeing that there are four of us, they suggested to changed all dim sum presentations to fours instead of threes.

Altogether, 4 of we ate 12 dishes, but we only paid about MOP 810 (about S$130). I had expected about twice the cost, given the exquisite food and level of service we have received.

How to get there?
The Eight 8
Grand Lisboa, Level 2
If you go by cab, ask the driver to take you to 新葡京. (They remember Chinese names better.)

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The Eight is definitely the restaurant I will re-visit again when I am at Macau.

Just looking through Openrice reviews makes me crave for the other dim sum dishes which I have yet to try...


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