Jun 27, 2013

How to make Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu 揚げだし豆腐 - one of the very common dishes in a Japanese meal. This seemingly simple dish, is actually, not simple at all! Probably coupled with my lousy skills in deep frying, it took me several attempts to get it right.

Tada~ I'm now proud to present to you my successful attempt of the Agedashi Tofu~

Now, here's how to re-create it:

First, let's make the sauce that accompanies the Agedashi Tofu.

Ingredients needed

  • 250ml of Water
  • 6g of Bonito Flakes
  • 3cm by 5cm Kelp 昆布 (konbu)
  • 2 tablespoons of Rice Wine 白米酒 / Sake
  • 2 tablespoons of Light Soya Sauce / Shouyu 醤油
  • 1 tablespoon of Sugar

You might have noticed, I have replaced some Japanese ingredients with Chinese ingredients, like rice wine replacing sake, and light soya sauce replacing shouyu. Don't worry, the sauce still taste as good. :)


1. Add all ingredients together into a pot.

2. Heat the mixture, until it boils.

3. Set it aside, while we continue to make the Agedashi Tofu.

Now for the main character~ the tofu~

Ingredients needed

  • 1/2 cup of Tempura Flour
  • 150ml of Ice Water
  • Some excess Tempura Flour
  • Cut Spring Onion
  • Seaweed slices
  • Chinese Tofu

It looks like silken tofu, but be careful, look for the tofu that states "suitable for frying". It usually has a picture of the Agedashi Tofu on it as well. This is because we need firmer tofu to deep fry.


1. Using kitchen towels, remove the excess moisture from the tofu.

2. Mix 1/2 cup of tempura flour and 150ml of ice water to form the batter.

The temperature difference between the batter and the oil used for deep-frying will maintain the crispiness of the agadashi tofu.

3. Pour some tempura flour on a plate for initial coating.

4. Cut the tofu into cubes.

For beginners, it is easier to manage, if the tofu is cut into smaller cubes. It helps in the coating and deep frying later.

5. Coat the tofu cube with loose tempura flour. Just roll it along the plate of flour.

6. Dip the tofu cube into the batter and coat it.

7. Heat the oil. Ensure it is hot enough for deep frying. You can test the temperature by using some batter.

8. Deep fry the tofu cubes until golden brown.

9. Use kitchen towels to soak away the excess oil.

10. Add the tofu cubes into the bowl of sauce prepared earlier.

11. Serve with garnishings of cut spring onion and seaweed slices.

If you want a truly authentic Japanese experience, you can serve with grated daikon/ white radish and grated ginger. These can be mixed into the sauce for taste.

And there you have it, Agedashi Tofu.
If QQ can do it, so can you!

P.S: If you prefer chilled tofu dishes, you can try this: Chilled Tofu Topped with Spring Onion, Preserved Turnips and Century Egg, instead. :)

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