May 14, 2012

Finding Japan in Singapore ~ Makan trail ~ Cakes at Kki

Thank you for your patience, fellow foodies!

Here's the second installment of the "Finding Japan in Singapore ~ Makan trail". :)

This time, let's go for some sweet treats- cakes!

When I was in Japan, I often go on bike rides to track down cafes, as I simply love Japanese cakes. Somehow the cream they use is lighter, and it is relatively less sweet. And of course not forgetting, they can be so cute at times!

Sorry! This is not available in Singapore. It's from Sugarpot in Hamamatsu. Nevertheless, I am still on a lookout for similar cafes in Singapore.

Kki is a nice little, zen cake shop nestled at Ang Siang Hill. It is owned by a Japanese-Singaporean couple. The pâtissier is a true blue Japanese pastry chef, hence the authentic sweet treats from Japan.

"Kki" is probably inspired by the word ケーキ (ke-ki) which means cake in Japanese.

Mont Blanc- the classic

Little Red Riding Hood (there's a raspberry filling inside!)

Fromage Melon = Melon Cheese Cake

Antoinette ~ White chocolate with a tinge of mango

Like the shop decor, the cakes' decor is at a minimal, very classic, very zen.

Prizes range from $6+ to $8+.

They serve tea as well. But there are limited seats in the cafe, as they co-share the space with The Little Drom Store, a nice shop selling retro knick-knacks.

A nice hangout for afternoon tea while you are in the vicinity:

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Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791

It's Kki time!

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Ru-chan said...

Hello QQ! I've been to Kki before when they first opened and their cakes are indeed delectable!

QQ said...

Thank u, Ru-chan! Yup! Kki is one of my fave cake shops! :) Next I will be blogging about Flor. Have you tried Flor?