Mar 5, 2012

How to prepare Chilled Tofu Topped with Spring Onion, Preserved Turnips & Century Eggs

Some say this dish originated from Shanghai, some say it originated from Taiwan. And just earlier, while researching, I found that the Japanese have a similar dish and they called it the 冷奴 (Hiyayakko = Chilled Tofu). Guess, it's very safe to call it a Asian dish. :P

I first tried this dish at a Shanghainese restaurant, and then attempted to recreate it at home, of course with some alterations of my own to cater to Singaporean taste :P

Ingredients needed:
  • Silken Tofu (Chilled)
  • Preserved Turnips 菜脯碎
  • Century Eggs 皮蛋 (diced)
  • Spring Onion (diced)
  • Pork/ Chicken Floss
  • Sesame Oil
  • Light Soya Sauce
  • Cooking Oil
  • Water

1. Cut the silken tofu into cubes.

Leave the chilled silken tofu unattended for a while, and the accumulated water within the tofu will slowly seeped out, remove the water before serving.

2. Wash the preserved turnips.

If you prefer less salty, run hot water through the preserved turnips.

3. Add a little cooking oil and preserved turnips to stir fry. Add sesame oil and light soya sauce (skip this if you prefer less salty food) for seasoning. Add some water when necessary.

In the picture above, I stir-fried my spring onions too. But that's a personal preference :P

4. Top the tofu with the freshly stir-fried preserved turnips, diced century egg, pork/ chicken floss and finally, the spring onions.

Ready to serve. :)


Sugar Snow said...

I'm gonna try cold tofu for dinner on wed for ben. but he's quite a fussy eater. doesn't take fried onions, century egg, and chicken/pork floss! so i'll substitute it somehow i guess.

thanks :)

QQ said...

Thanks! I saw your corn version of the cold tofu! Looks yummilicious!