Jul 30, 2011

Stepping into the digital era

On 24 July 2011, 12 noon (Japan time), Japan has officially crossed the analog border and stepped into the digital era. All television broadcasts, (other than those in the Tohoku earthquake affected areas) be it via CRT TVs at home or the navi-cum-TV in the cars, have gone digital.

Actually even before I came to Japan, I have already heard of this analog-to-digital change. So the government have actually taken many steps encourage the public to discard their CRT TVs for digital TVs. :P

Weeks before the actual change, the corner of all TV programmes is plastered with a message, which counted down to the actual day.

And then finally on 24 July, the countdown to the actual moment began.

And then at 12 noon sharp, my TV screen turns to this ;'(

So... my CRT, perhaps 21-inch (estimated) TV has retired. Thank you for serving me faithfully every day of my one year in Japan!

P.S: By the way, the countdown message is not available for digital TVs (of course!), so I am one of the lucky ones to be involved in the countdown. LOL