Jul 30, 2011

Last Day...

Last day, in my house. Last day, in my little town.

Tomorrow, I will embark on my last trip on JET to Hokkaido, and then back to Singapore, officially. I shall blog about my Hokkaido trip from home, my Singapore home then.

Seriously, time flies. One year just flown by, just like that.

And to me, it all sums up to one word- DREAM.

It is a dream come true for me,
I finally had a chance to live and work in Japan.

The whole "QQ's adventure in Japan" is like a dream;
I can even imagine myself waking up in my bed in Singapore one morning, blinking and yawning, and wondering if the JET adventure was actually real.

Japan, thank you! I have learnt lots, loads, plenty, while I am here. You have helped me gain so much confidence, especially on my road of Japanese learning.

I think I am changed, regardless how small, you have changed me.

This adventure, is a dream, but even dreams can be lonely at times. Nevertheless, thank you so much!

The only thing I would change if I were to restart this again?

Maybe, I should not be so apprehensive and hesitant, and should have plunged right in, back in 2008, when I first got to know about the programme. Looking at fellow ALTs here, that's the most important lesson I have learnt from them.

We can never be thoroughly prepared. We just need the leap of faith at times.

お世話になりました!またね、日本!I will be back to visit the rest of the other prefectures, which I couldn't cover in this year.

I have visited 14 out of 47 prefectures;
took the aeroplane 10 times in one year;
Never had I travel so much in a year!

And... I will miss being called Q-chan!