Jun 19, 2011

Satisfying the Yakiniku craving....

Do you have days when you suddenly craved for BBQ meat? I usually get such attacks after watching 嵐 TV programs as they like to feature yakiniku. *drools*

The place where I go to cure my craving is... none other than 牛角. It is a famous yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant with many franchises across Japan, and even has outlets overseas like USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and even.. yes... even tiny Singapore! So my Singapore friends, you can visit the 3 牛角 outlets in Singapore. :P

牛角 offers mainly beef, pork, chicken and vegetables. For some outlets, seafood are also provided. Though the seafood collection is limited. Afterall, it is a yakiniku outlet, where niku stands for meat.

I don't take beef, but I love their pork selection. Especially クンバラ and ビートロ (miso flavoured). They have very extensive beef collections, since Japanese love their local beef.

They offer tongues タン, intestines, livers etc, collectively known as ハルモン.

Lost like me, when ordering? Do not know which part of the cow/ chicken/ pig the Japanese names correspond to? Check this list of Japanese names with illustrations of the body part named. I think I will bring this along for my next yakiniku trip, then I will not be bothering the waiter too much :P

I also love their sides like their 黑糖おさつバタ (grilled sweet potatoes) and corn. They also offer some Korean sides.

I especially love their early bird special buffets. Before 6pm on weekdays, at my nearest 牛角 branch, I can have the eat-all-I-want-and-drink-all-I-want (not inclusive of alcoholic drinks) buffet for only 2500yen instead of the 2780yen (eat-all buffet) with a top up of 500yen to enjoy free-flow soft drinks. For more selections, they have two other buffet choices.

Buffet options etc might differ for branches though. For example, the branch downtown stopped offering buffets. :(

さあ、are you craving for some yakiniku action yet? Locate the nearest branch near you (Japan/ Overseas). *drools*