Jun 19, 2011


可愛いね!This is the theme song for the Japanese drama マルモのおきて, currently my favourite jdrama for this season.

It is a very heartwarming series about a single guy adopting his friend's twins. After his friend had passed away, the relatives decided to raise the twins separately, which broke the hearts of the twins. After the twins ran away from their respective homes one day, the guy, Marumo, adopted them.

Every episode, there is a little lesson or moral. I learnt quite a bit from the twins and their daily interactions with their new dad-cum-mum.

The twins in the drama, 芦田愛菜-chan and 鈴木福-kun, on SMAP x SMAP!

But that's not the only heartwarming part. Drawn by the catchy ending dance, young audiences are also trying their hand in joining the twins in the dance.

The spontaneous dance at home...

A pretty professionally done video.

A real pair of twins! 5-year-old Tai-kun and Ai-chan.

and many more...

There is even a campaign to encourage viewers to submit their videos to Universal Music Studios. Dance steps are included, too.

Though they are supposed to submit in the form of hardcopies, it didn't stop other enthusiastic dancers and parents to upload their videos to YouTube. :)

Sample video by Universal Music Studios

Mmmm... I liked the song a lot... and watching other children dancing to it makes it even more heartwarming. :)

Nice idea from Universal Music Studios! Now more people, even those who didn't watch the drama series will know about the song. But then, it wouldn't had been successful, if the song itself wasn't so catchy and simple that kids can easily follow and dance to.

Maru maru mori mori... *dancing*