Mar 3, 2011

Vote for my travel picture! :) お願いします!

Itching for a travel? Sunny beaches? Drinking sake under the sakura trees? Ski at the Korean mountain slopes? Museum hopping in London? Or simply shopping at outlet malls in US?

Yeah... I am dreaming of them all.

Help me fulfill my dream by voting for my travel picture on Live.IT facebook page.

My contest picture

1. Like the Live.IT facebook page

2. Click on my submission


Look for my picture at the wall / under the tab "Photos" -> "Photos by others", here you can browse through all the submissions and vote for your favourite. Of course, pls pls vote for me :P

3. And click "Like"! There you go, thanks for voting me! :D

If you would love to take part as well, it's very simple. Just select your best travel picture, like the Live.IT facebook page, and upload the picture on the wall.

The picture with the most 'likes' will win $2000 worth of travel vouchers.

And remember to register yourself at MFA's e-Register before your trip! It's better to play safe than err on the wrong side. (>_<) And of course, I registered myself before I started my Japan adventure, too. :P

Sidetrack: Pretty happy that I am not a forgotten blogger while I am in Japan now. :P Thanks for XPR for alerting me on this contest!