Feb 11, 2011

Let's Go for a Marathon in Winter!

Maybe it's bias from a tropical gal, but I always wonder why they schedule the annual marathons in winter. Why not in autumn? The weather is just nice.

And I went for my first marathon in winter. Umm.. not exactly... I didn't run, but walk though.. :P

My school had their marathon this Tuesday. Lucky for us, the weather had became warmer then. It was hovering around maximum of 12°C, a jump from the usual single digit. By the way, temperatures have dropped to single digits again starting from today though.

Our marathon was held in a huge park. The Japanese called it a park. I call it a nature reserve! It is many times the size of our Bt Timah Nature Reserve, and they looked pretty similar.

And another lucky arrangement- or lack-of, they did not have any duties for me, so I am free to tag along someone, roam around or join the race. I, of course, picked roaming around.

The boys ran a 10km course. The girls ran a 6km course. Much shorter, yes, but tough still, as their 6km course is filled with rocky slopes.

Me? I picked a 4km course to walk. It is a subset of the girls' course.

I had a wonderful morning walk. :D Enjoying the scenery and fresh air, and taking pictures along the way.

Too slow though, as by the time I return to the starting point, the girls had finished theirs, and the boys had started theirs.

The boys were so fast! They finished 10km in 30min?! If I were to run the same course, I would take 3 hours. (>_<)

And what's better than a hot bowl of tonshiru トン汁 to end the marathon race? The PTA prepared the pork miso soup. Servings were huge (free flow!).

It's pretty different from our marathons, right? Mmm.. I do miss ice milo after marathons though. :P

Mmm... I should really try going for a jog before the winter ends.... *Jots down on my to-do-list*