Feb 10, 2011

Immersing in the CNY mood at Yokohama Chinatown

It is said that the Chinatown at the Yokohama is the largest in Japan, hence I decided to take this opportunity to visit Yokohama during the Chinese New Year (CNY) period. The other Chinatown is in Kobe.

I'm glad I went, as there really weren't any CNY mood when I live. Everyone worked as usual, me included. It's my first CNY away from home. Feeling pretty much homesick... like the video on QQ:

Happily, I took a 4 hour coach trip to Yokohama, to meet the 2Js! :D Yeah... friends from Singapore!

The best part of the Yokohama trip is probably the matsuri... the procession to celebrate CNY. Though they didn't play CNY songs, but there were lion and dragon dances, so their drum beats and cymbal clangs accompanied the entire matsuri, which was very CNY-ish, too. :)

A really closeup view of the lion dance, as they were trying to play with a kid in front of me. Lucky me!

Dragon dance. This is not too common in Singapore.

Very kawaii kids!!! Though they seemed a bit lost, probably because of the huge crowd.

The Chinatown has more Chinese restaurants than any other shops. There are really loads of restaurants. But it's pretty expensive. I wanted to try dim sum, but most only offer buffet option, and it costs about 2500yen per person.

This is our lunch at 新新. We weren't too impressed though. Especially for me, I was pretty surprised at the low standard of service. Maybe I have been in Japan for too long. Service in Japan is really good usually.

Guess, probably the need to visit Chinatown during CNY is much stronger for overseas Chinese, like me. :) I will probably do it again... if I were to be an overseas Chinese again.