Jan 10, 2011

Getting my first pair of spectacles in Japan

Recently, shopping malls are having winter sales. They are really tempting! But, I have to control... I do not need another pair of gloves, no, I do not need another knitted coat. I don't need winter clothes when I return, as there's only summer in Singapore. No winter, no icy strong wind, no snow...

Yup, but I need a new pair of spectacles. My existing pair has accompanied me for years, so I decided to get my new pair in Japan. I am very amazed at the speed. My spectacles were ready in 20 minutes! Gosh, it usually takes 1 week or so at my optician in Singapore. (I have never tried the speed services in Singapore, so maybe there are opticians out there who can produce in under 30 minutes? Who knows?)

First, I select the frame that I want. Price tags on the display sets include all costs, consultation, frame and lens.

Second, the optician took my existing pair of spectacles to check on the degrees.

Third comes the consultation. As usual, I am seated in front of the white machine, where they take a look at each eye. Next, is the reading off charts. Instead of alphabets or numbers, they use hiragana. They also have another set with shares the letter "C" rotated in different directions, so you have to tell the optician which direction is the opening.

Surprisingly, my left eye's myopia has decreased by 250 degrees! Woohoo!

Fourth, choosing of lens. There are about 6 kinds of lenses for me to pick, and they have charts to show what are the strengths and weaknesses of each lens. Depending on the lens you pick, the time taken may be longer. For an additional of 2000+yen I can heat-proof my lens, so that it can withstand higher temperatures. Very handy for drivers who often leave their spectacles in their cars.

Fifth, wait for my spectacles. In the meantime, I chose my spectacle case, did some administrative stuff, such as filling in my profile for their records, etc.

Tada.. in 20 minutes, my new pair of spectacles are ready! :D

Mmm.. you are probably very interested in the prices. From another optician, for 4000+yen, you can get a pair of plastic frame glasses. Not very fancy kind. I prefer metal frames, so I went to another optician instead (the one mentioned in this post), they have 3 types of prices, 15,000+yen, 18,000+yen and 20,000+yen. Mine's about 19,000yen, and it's a metal frame (with some fancy designs :P), with thin lens. Oh yah, the lens I picked scored 4/5 points for thinness, yet it is still thinner than the lens I have in my made-in-Singapore spectacles. :)