Dec 5, 2010

My First Cooking Class & It's in Japanese...

The brave? little me signed up for a once-off cooking session (known as 体験室 taiken shitsu, somewhat similar to a trial session, except that it's not free.) at a nearby shopping complex (in Singapore terms as it's huge, but it's probably just a mall to the Japanese.)

Why brave? Coz the session is completely in Japanese. I don't really know all the food names and cooking adjectives in Japanese. (>_<) And... I have hardly cooked in Singapore, let alone have some proper lessons in cooking. My last cooking lessons are during my Home Economics class in secondary school. But I started getting interested in cooking after my stay in Japan. I often cook at home, and would love to get new ideas on what to cook, and especially how Japanese cooking is done. I have heard a lot about dashi being the important base etc, but how to use that in daily cooking, is still a mystery to me. Right now, I have been cooking a lot of Chinese dishes using Japanese seasoning. Fusion cooking :P In today's class, probably my question on Japanese cooking is not answered though, as the menu is more westernized and the seasoning used are not that Japanese. There is only one trial cooking class though, so no choice. :( But I was so glad I went. I had so much fun and made 2 new friends! :) First surprise is to find myself as the only student for the day. Originally it was planned for 2, but I think the other person backed out on the last minute. And so, I have 2 cooking instructors. One is only assisting, she helped with the washing and preparation, etc. And the other is my main instructor who cooked with me. One-to-one attention! Next, the kitchen is beyond wonderful. It's like my dream kitchen. It has everything! 设备齐全,应有尽有。I always marvel at how my sensei could whip out another spatula or pan for the next step. I always had to cook and wash if I did slightly more complicated cooking.

Before class, preparations have already started.

While chatting as we wait for the last attendee (who did not turn up in the end), the sensei found out that I prefer pork/ chicken to beef (actually I can't take beef, but I haven't told them that yet), they did a last minute change for me. The other sensei actually went to buy minced pork to replace the prepared minced beef for the meat patty of the main course, ロコモコ (rokomoko). They were so sweet. :D

And so the lesson started. My fears were unfounded though, as I could understand most of it, since the sensei was demonstrating to me. Actions helped so much! And when I did not understand which sauce etc, she will actually bring the actual food packaging to show me. Later when we had lunch together, I realise that she was worried that she would not be able to communicate with me as well. But she was so relieved to find that I could understand her. :) Seriously, this is a great boost of confidence to me as well. I need that.

Cooking the meat patty, potatoes side and vegetables soup.

And ta-da.... These are the results... I have never cooked such a complete 3 course meal before. My first! And what's more, it's for 3 people... :P

ロコモコ (rokomoko): pork patty with gravy, boiled potatoes and fried egg as sides, complete with some vegetables as garnishings.

Vegetable soup. 美味しい!I am so going to buy mixed beans for my next soup dish.

Fruit Parfait- This is easy to make :) just mix and match with fruits, sponge cake, cornflakes, rum, sugar, yoghurt and cream.

For cooking classes, we can't takeaway our fruits of labour though, so we ate together, my 2 senseis and I, at the dining room next door as lunch. If you attend baking classes, you can bring back the end products.

If only, the normal classes at Sala weren't that expensive, I would really love to continue. It costs 3150yen as registration fee, and another 7500yen for 3 lessons or 2500yen for one. Beyond my budget. :( The 体験室 was affordable though, at 1000yen for cooking class and 500yen for baking class.

Would love to cook the meat patty and vegetable soup again. They are so delicious. But first I need to find those seasoning and soup bases...


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