Dec 30, 2010

4 Random Thoughts after 4 Months of Adventure

Months ago, I probably couldn't envision the peace, the easiness and the cozy feel of blogging at my old computer system at my little corner in my bedroom, all in the rainy season of the hot, humid Singapore.

It felt like I have never left before, and I was still pondering at this machine, fretting over what I should write for my essay to submit for JET. LOL.

Time flies.

Ok, so here's my 4 random thoughts, from my first home-coming holiday.

1. Slow
The first thing I noticed, is probably how slow the 3G network and the wireless@sg has become since the 4 months. It's probably because now more Singaporeans are on the mobile internet network now, and the bandwidth has to be shared with so many more new comers. No longer can I just foursquare, tweet nor facebook within seconds.

P.S: If you are interested, my friend, Justin, is now doing a 3G speedtest across the 3 telcos.

Nevertheless, I am so so so so happy that I can foursquare, tweet, facebook on the go, after being "connected-less" for 4 months (and counting, after I am back in Japan) on the go. I can only wifi at home. :( Wifi in Japan costs money. Even at the airport. :(

2. Independence
Yesh. Moulded by situations, I am more independent. I can now cook, do housework, travel, etc, on my own. This is probably typical of every brave soul who venture away from home for studies or work. Just that, this is my first solo trip away from home (I have never stayed in a hostel even... so imagine that!), so that's why it's significant.

3. Change
4 months is not long. Yet it's not short either. Through my 6 gatherings (4 more upcoming), I have noticed some subtle changes amongst my friends.

First, my family. We have a new addition, my brother's girlfriend. Now family gatherings is not making reservation for 4 but 5. It's kinda significant to me. :)

Some friends have advanced to other stages of lives as well, from girlfriend to bride to wife to mother. I seem to live a parallel life from them. Haha... I am so looking forward to play with my friends' kids when I am back! :D

4. Memories
Seriously, only being away can bring out the rawest feelings. What do you miss most when you are away from home?

First of foremost- Family! I missed them to bits. Thanks to skype, I can video talk with them twice a week. Sometimes more, when I have an exciting week to share... haha...

Second- My friends. I used to imagine skipping town and restarting my life. But when I am really faced with this golden opportunity to restart my life, I am suddenly at a loss. Suddenly from lots of friends around me, busy weekend hangouts to no friends and cold, lonely weekends. A restart is not easy. But I will work on it.

I would like to thank all my friends, for not forgetting me within 4 months! For taking time off to meet up with me! Sorry, I may not have lived up your expectations, and shared all the nice, wonderful stories with you of my adventure. But I am sure the next time we meet again, I will have more of such stories to share.

Third- food! Maybe I have gorged myself with too much yummy local spicy food, that I am down with flu. I am still sick, and have seen the doctor the second time. But I am determined to win this war. I want to be healthy when I return to winter Japan!