Dec 2, 2010

Kyoto turning red

Another popular destination during autumn- Kyoto.

Lucky me, I get to visit 2 of the most popular destinations for autumn this year, namely Nikko 日光 and Kyoto 京都. Hehe... and coincidentally autumn is my favourite season! :D

Popular is probably an understatement for Kyoto though. When we visited Kyoto last Sunday, it was packed with people. Sardine-packed. It felt like New Year's Eve countdown in Singapore. There were queues everywhere, and of course we didn't have time to leisurely take pictures.

Nevertheless, the one-day trip was worth it. :)

You will see why:

清水寺 in Autumn, basking in fall colours

清水寺 in late spring, amongst sakura (or its lackof.. haha)- April trip in 2010.

Look at the crowd. We gave up this queue.

Winding lines at 东福寺... Difficult to take good shots here, as it was totally sardine-packed. :( But the colours were really breathtaking...

高台寺- another must-see in autumn. This place is huge and has less crowd.


Now for some serene shots, as we took a detour to a traditional Japanese garden, 芬驼院. If I had time, I don't mind spending a lazy afternoon there. Very relaxing.

I want them for my doors, too.

Mmm... I wanna visit Arashiyama 嵐山 next. I missed the bamboos!