Nov 24, 2010

MOS, Mac and KFC... Are they different from Singapore's?

Today's post will be dedicated to very familiar fast food options. Familiarity cures homesickness. I was pretty surprised at myself that I actually researched, planned and braved rains to eat at a local KFC (maybe not so local, I need to take a train and bus to get there). Somehow, MOS, MacDonald and KFC reminds me of home. Since, we have these fast food restaurants at home, too, and I can't find any Singaporean hawker food like chay kway tiao, laksa, satay... anywhere near me. :(

MOS Burger
This is the first fast food restaurant I ate at, as there is one within walking distance. :)

I always order Ebi Rice Burger, when I was in Singapore. And of course, I expected the menu in Japan to be the same as that in Singapore as well. Mmm... they are somewhat similar, but too bad, the one thing I miss most- Ebi Rice Burger, is not offered. In fact, there aren't many rice burger options at my local fast food restaurant. They serve the usual burgers with bread.

But, you can't go wrong with corn soup. Corn soup in Japan's MOS Burgers is much better than that in Singapore. First, it's more in volume, there are more corn kernels in my soup, and they top it with croutons and served in porcelain bowls.

Next, I made a special trip one Sunday to MacDonald's as I missed Big Breakfast terribly. Alas, again, they offer different options for breakfast menu as well. They do not have Big Breakfast nor Hotcakes for breakfast, but the usual muffins are available. They have a wider collection of muffins.

The breakfast set is kinda of small though.

Drink sizes are a size smaller in Japan. According to my personal experience, the cup for small soft drink is like a small orange juice (Singapore's MacDonald's standard).

Do try McPork though. This is not offered in Singapore, as all MacDonald's branches are halal certified.

That is the first burger I try when I visited MacDonald's the first time in Japan.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
This is the latest trip to the fast food restaurant I briefly mentioned about in my opening paragraph of this blog post.

I terribly craved for spicy crispy chicken. But I was a step too late. The spicy chicken (slices, I think) are no longer available! :( And they only serve original flavoured chicken parts as their main menu.

But it was quite interesting to try their new menu items like the Creamy Soup Puff. It's pretty tasty.

You wouldn't believe the extent I went to cure my craving. Besides braving the rains, I spent close to S$30 on travel (train and bus) and the KFC set above. A very expensive KFC meal. S$30 in Singapore, I can afford a meal for 4 at my nearby KFC restaurant, which is just a short 5 minutes walk away.

KFC offer special Christmas party sets. And I heard they are quite popular among Japanese.