Oct 16, 2010

QQ's first haircut in Japan!


This is my new look :P Ahem.. the shadow of my new look, to be exact. LOL.

Yup, I finally made a decision to visit one of the hair salons during this weekend. I had done a bit of research via magazine (Womo- this issue was on hair salons!) and also via internet (Beauty Navi) and finally decided on Art Lago, a franchise which has 3 branches in my city. :)

There is now a promotion for Beauty Navi readers- 20% off!

Call and make appointment first. On both magazines and web, they strongly encouraged customers to call and make an appointment first.

Hence, early this morning, once the clock struck 10, I called the salon up and booked my appointment.

The salon was quite packed, phew, luckily I made an appointment! The receptionist first collected my bag and kept it in their lockers. Next, the manager came and attended to me. I did not have any idea what hairstyle to change to, so he showed me some magazines and pictures and let me take my pick. Next, he asked for my spectacles and kept them at the reception area as well. (Maybe next time I will request to have them with me, I feel kinda of naked without my spectacles around :P)

After that I am brought to the shampoo corner. It's a pretty comfortable experience, especially after washing my hair with only 1 left hand for a week.

The manager asked how long I have kept my long hair, and I muttered 2-3 years. But seriously, I can't remember when was the last time I had short hair. Probably eons ago.

The entire experience took 1 hour. He was really meticulous; he would cut and check, etc. Really like what his profile on the web says- A blood type A Virgo-ian- Perfectionist.

My first impression of my haircut? I think I look like a student now. LOL. Back to secondary school... I like it though, my hair is now easier to manage, especially for these few weeks with only 1 working hand.

Mmm.. other comments? I heard of really exaggerating accounts from friends who visited big cities in Japan, about having to fill in form on the temperature of water, strength of massage etc. None of this happened to me though. Maybe it will be nice if I was served a cup of tea/ water, or had some head massage. But then my haircut was really cheap. Original price was about 4200yen, with 20% discount, it was 3000+yen. Very cheap. Haircuts in Japan are usually 4000-5000+yen.

Maybe next time, we will try colouring it? It will then resemble the magazine picture more. LOL.