Sep 23, 2010

How to Prepare Omu-Rice

Decided to debut a column on my cooking adventure in Japan. When I was back at home, I seldom cooked. Probably only on days when my parents are on holiday, and for special occasions like potluck dinners. Hence, you can tell that my cooking experience is very limited.

If I have to name what I have learnt from my move to Japan, then the first thing that comes to my mind would be cooking. Sort of forced by circumstances, since my mum is not around to prepare meals and eating out in Japan is pretty expensive to a Singaporean, I started preparing my meals and bentos. (For eg. dinner like chicken rice, in hawker centres only cost about 300yen, yet a dinner in Japan costs at least 700yen.)

I love omurice, but I have never tried preparing one in Singapore. Here, I've tried to prepare 2 different kinds:


This type of omurice is easier to prepare. You can decorate the omelette with your initials, etc, using tomato sauce.

Here's my end product:

Do not attempt to wrap the rice with the omelette while on the pan. As instructed in the video, just flip both ends to the central area where the rice is, and then flip the pan onto the plate, to allow the omurice to fall right in place.


This is my favourite. :D

Ok, I think I would probably take another 10 years to reach the chef's level as shown in the above video. From a television programme which I watched in Japan (and hence inspired to try cooking omurice the next day), instead of flipping from the pan to the rice, and let the impact create furafura feel, you can do this:

You can lay the flipped omelette onto the rice. And then cut the top layer of the omelette into half, the contents will spill over like a opened bag. And there you have... furafura omurice.

Here's my first attempt of making furafura omurice:

There, you go, if QQ can prepare omurice, so can you! Go, give it a try!

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