Sep 20, 2010

An Afternoon at the Flower Park

Luckily, I took a respite from all the keitai/internet maddness at the Flower Park. It feels so good to be on a photography trip again! This is probably my first since my close-to-2-months in Japan.

The Flower Park, フラワーパーク, is huge! It has the central area with musical fountain, some smaller lakes and gardens, such as the Japanese Garden. There's also a huge greenhouse which has 2 special displays on Balinese plants and Mexican plants.

Mmm.. but visiting at this time of the year may not be advisable, as the roses and the sakuras are bare. I think it will be very pretty in spring, with all the sakuras in bloom. :)

Here are some sneak previews:

Coincidentally, there's a koi contest.

Mexican garden

Mexican garden

A rose among the thorns. Literally, as the bushes are bare.

An abandoned chair.

A tram ride which you can take. It costs 100yen for adults and 50yen for children.

The Flower Park is located at Hamamatsu:

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To get there, take bus 30 from bus stop 1 at the bus terminal, just opposite the JR Hamamatsu station. The bus ride is about 40min and it costs 500yen.

It costs 800yen for adults and 350yen for children. There are other pricing for group tours, etc.

You can also buy bundled tickets, for example I bought the Flower Park and Fruits Park (keitai website) bundled ticket for 1000yen. The ticket is valid for a year. There are other bundles with the Limestone Cave, 竜ヶ岩洞. As the zoo is just next door, if you hold a Flower Park ticket, on the same day you can visit the zoo for just an additional 50yen.