Aug 8, 2010

Settling down...

Just an update, yup.. I have reached my apartment. :)
Pretty spacious for me. Thanks to my predecessor, it was clean, neat and well-furnished.

It may not be a bad idea to buy the furnishings from your predecessor. Like mine, she's very nice! She even left cleaning liquids and equipment, extra towels, beddings etc. It's in a livable condition :) It's a boost when I first arrive, especially on the first night when I was left alone in this foreign house, hungry and homesick.

I'm still trying to grope around, settling administrative stuff eg. Alien Registration, bank registration, keitai registration, etc. There were some commotion when I was registering for my bank account and keitai, as both required each other's information (eg. bank needs my keitai no., but without the bank account, keitai company cannot process my registration -_-") Luckily it was resolved in the end with repeated trips to the bank and keitai company. Thanks to my great supervisors who went on the repeated trips with me!

Friends who need my keitai no., pls sms to my sg phone. :)

Another boost which may be a quite comfort, but it depends on luck though- that will be internet! Before I came here, being internetless for 2 months was probably the most dreaded thing. Fortunately, I managed to get borrowed wifi from a neighbour, who's also a fellow JET :) Life-saver! I managed to skype home! Hurray!

How to get internet for the first month when your internet is not ready:
  • Ask your neighbours if they are using wifi, and if you can share, like I did.
  • Leech your neighbour's unprotected wifi? That's what some JETs did :P A fellow JET also commented that she will keep hers unprotected as well, as a form of goodwill to other newer JETs in future. Mmm..
  • Look for an internet cafe/ MacDonald/ Mos Burger near you which has wifi.
  • Ask your supervisor if you can use the internet cable in school/ use the school computer to access internet.
  • Buy a toggle. For eg., Softbank offers mobile broadband on a toggle, which you can use anywhere with your laptop.

Another important route to remember, besides the route to workplace, would be the way to the grocery store/ supermarket. Mine is about 10-15min away from the nearest supermarket if I walked. It's not the cheapest, as it's opened 24/7. But, the distance is a great bonus!

I kinda of miss the groceries in Singapore... like dark soya sauce? I am still on the search for it. Of course, I bought shouyu too.

Ok, I shall share more again.. ciao!