Aug 2, 2010

Hello from Japan!

Hi there, everyone! お早う!Yup, I've got internet access for 3-days at the orientation in Tokyo :) So happy.... before the internet hiatus for 1-2mths...

It was such an eventful day yesterday, my first day in Japan on the JET programme. I probably made history for the all batches of SJETs as the first SJET whose luggage's straps (yes, both!) broke, while in the plane when we alight. Gosh... It was horrible. I had to lug it around like a 10-kg baby for the customs and all the way to the hotel.

The wait for the customs can be really long. It was about an hour for us. And it can get rather hot as you lug and inch the luggages while you wait in the winding line. Hence do prepare a fan. It will be very useful as you wait.

And of course, lessons on the choice of luggages! Gosh.. I've learnt it the hard way.

  • Pick bright coloured suitcases/ luggage bags as checkin items. It will be much easier to spot.
  • Get a sturdy handcarry. A backpack is definitely better. (See the story of the broken bag straps above for warning.)

Ok, that's all, folks! Hope I can to share on the orientation in the later posts.. before the hiatus, that is.