Jul 28, 2010

No projector in class? Fret not.

I was told that projectors are rare in my school-to-be, and when I went for classroom observations in Japanese schools in Singapore, similarly, projectors are not available in every classroom, which is unlike our public schools. Hence I concluded that perhaps, culturally, lessons are not taught using slides. Should there be videos/ songs, teachers use TVs or CD players instead.

As you might have already noticed, I love photography and have accumulated quite a number of random pictures around Singapore. It will be such a shame if I am unable to show my students-to-be such pictures. Hence, in order to do so, there are two ways to go around the issue.

1. Show-and-tell
Print out the pictures, do papercraft, large posters, cards etc. The possibilities are endless. These would require much handicraft though, and most likely to be prepared in Japan itself, when I reach.

2. Use the TV
Mmm.. how? Try your iPod. Using the iPod, I can project my videos and pictures on the TV screen, with sound output. Excellent!

Here's how:

For videos
  1. Convert your videos into iPod acceptable format (mp4). You can try using SUPER © or Videora.
  2. Using iTunes, sync the videos with your iPod.
  3. Connect your iPod to the TV using the composite cables or component cables.
  4. Match the cables to the sockets as identified by the colours.
  5. On your iPod, select the video and play it.
  6. Tada~ it's done!

For photographs
  1. Place all the photographs you would like to display in a fixed folder.
  2. Sync your iPod with this folder using the iTunes.
  3. Connect your iPod to the TV using the composite cables or component cables.
  4. On your iPod, select the picture you would like to display. Remember to double click to start the slideshow.
  5. Tadaz~ it's done!

Hope it works on the TVs in Japan. :)

I think it can be done similarly with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, too. Do check out Apple support.