Jun 22, 2010

What's next, after the JET interview?

After the interview, it's the start of the waiting phase. It maybe a bit unbearable, especially since this is the last lap before your confirmation. But be patient, it'll be worth-while. :)

When will I be shortlisted?
Preliminary shortlist
I received my notification via email from the Embassy of Japan during mid February. It informed that I had passed the preliminary screening, and was pending the final screening by the JET authority in Tokyo.

Final shortlist
I was notified via email in early April that I had passed the final screening.

For this stage, you will need to mail the following back:
  1. Reply slip (whether you would like to accept the shortlist appointment as a JET)
  2. Certificate of Health (requires a health check by a doctor)
  3. Certificate of No Criminal Conviction
The attachments will be emailed to you. In addition, the Embassy of Japan will also send them over in hardcopy via post mail.

Where should I go for the health check?

I went to my family General Practitioner for the health check. Reading from the JET forum, some JETs had their health check at Raffles Hospital.

The health check will include an eyesight test, urine test, blood pressure test, etc. Stool test is not included. (At least for mine. This is subject to changes though, do refer to your Certificate of Health for the latest requirement.)
Health check cost is not covered by JET authority, we have to pay it on our own.

Where should I apply for the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC)?

You will need to apply for the CNCC at the Police Headquarters at Cantonment. It costs $45, and takes 2 weeks to process. For more information, click here.

How to get to Police Cantonment Complex:

You will need to leave your identification card with the reception. As you will need your IC for application of CNCC, pls remember to bring along another card, such as driving license card, Passion card, etc. It has to be a card which carries your IC.

Similarly, the cost for applying for the CNCC is not covered by JET authority, we have to pay it on our own.

When will I receive the final confirmation?
In mid May, I received my confirmation email as a JET, as well as my placement. In addition, you will also receive via post mail, 2 books- the "General Information Handbook" and the "Japanese for JETs".

From your placement, you maybe able to tell if you're a prefectural JET or municipal JET. For the confirmation email/ letter, if you're only informed of your prefecture, then you are a prefectural JET. Otherwise, if you are notified of your municipal/ town/ city, then you're a municipal JET.

Though at this stage, you do not have a lot of information yet, you can find out more via your prefecture AJET website. The AJET website has links to all the prefecture AJET websites. Do check out the facebook groups set up as well. You should be able to find out more via the respective AJET website.

When will I have more details of my posting?
By mid June, I received a package from Prefectural Board of Education. Yup, all the way from Japan. In this package, it has the following information:
  • Base school and the address
  • Notice of Appointment
  • Terms and Conditions of my contract
  • Essential information from my predecessor
  • Pamplets and newsletter of my prefecture
You will find most of the information that you're eager to find out in the "Essential Informtion for Successors". There, you will have your predecessor's contact details, your apartment address, apartment's conditions, school and the teachers, tips on what to buy as souvenirs, commuting advice, etc.

And you can find out more by contacting your predecessor directly. I managed to find out a lot more by conversing with my predecessor.
The package is sent via registered mail, hence do alert your family to look out for a package delivery.

If you're like me, who have missed the delivery, you can request for a redelivery or collection via post office through the Speed Post website. The earliest you can collect it will be 2 days from the original date of delivery.

Yeah! With that, my blog posts have finally kept up with the developments. :) Currently, I am waiting for the Singapore orientation in July. I'll update again when there are more developments. Stay tuned!