May 30, 2010

What is JET?

If you're like me, who have learnt Japanese language for a few years, and would love to immerse yourself in the land of the rising sun, to fully utilize what you've learnt, then perhaps, you would have heard of JET already.

For those who are unaware, JET represents the Japan Exchange and Teaching Progamme.

It is a joint collaboration of a few ministries and local government in Japan to offer international participants an opportunity to live and work in Japan at local authorities and/or government and private primary schools, junior high and high schools.

Government agencies involved:

It is an annual event, which has ran for 23 years, since 1987. In 2009, there were over 4000 participants from 36 countries. For Singapore alone, the intake for 2010 was 24 participants.

What are the positions available?

You can apply for either of the 3 positions:
  1. ALT - Assistant Language Teacher (most JETs are ALTs)
  2. CIR - Coordinator for International Relations
  3. SEA - Sports Exchange Advisor
As of 2010, there were 24 ALTs and 1 CIR for JET intake from Singapore.

You can find out more on the intake statistics from this JET pamplet (page 14-15).

However, not all positions are open for application during the annual intake across all countries. Do check with the Embassy of Japan of your country when you are applying.

For instance, when I first applied for CIR position last year, the position was opened for application during Mar/ April, while typically application for ALTs are open during the Sept/ Oct period each year.

Are there other opportunities besides JET?

Other than JET, you can also consider these other programmes on Japan immersion:
For the next few upcoming posts, I will share more on my JET experience, as I embark on the adventure in a few months time. Stay tuned! :)