Feb 21, 2010

Chingay 2010- My First!

Have you watched a Chingay parade before? I've always watched it from afar- from the news snippets on TV, never a chance live. Thanks to Singapore Tourism Board, yesterday, I managed to watch Chingay live, from the Pit Building. Our seats are pretty good, at row A, which is the first row of the grandstand. :)

Everyone came prepared, the first rows are all readily set up with tripods and cameras, all prepared to catch the action.

Amongst the many firsts, one would be the fire crackers experience. As one of the first few items to start Chingay, fire crackers were lit. It's really a very noisy, dusty and smoky experience. Here's a sneak:

Following that, the parade starts, with an array of floats, and accompanying performances.

From Japan! A strong matsuri feel in their "The Magnificent Ocean" performance.

Can you see the mini Japanese lion dance? Compare that with our Chinese lion dance.

Chinese lion dance

Besides decorated floats, the elaborated costumes of the parade participants were intriguing. I love their makeup as well!

Loved her eye makeup! Nice!

Performer for "Chinese Tale- Butterfly Lovers". They flew the electronic kites around for this float display as well. On normal days, you can catch the hobbyists flying them at Clarke Quay.

Modified after the traditional costumes of Eurasians.

Even Star Wars joined in the fun!

And.. the finale... fireworks!

Thanks, Shuyun for the video!

To view the rest of the pictures, pls visit my facebook album.

It's a wonderful evening! Thank you, STB!
See ya, Chingay, next year!