Jan 18, 2010

Learning Japanese the iPhone way #2

With the dictionary, now it's time to download iPhone applications which provide more structured learning of the Japanese language.

I've tried 3 free iPhone applications. 2 of which are Lite versions, and full versions are available, too, at some costs. While the last one is a full free application.

This free application concentrates mainly on vocabulary, with its huge bank of study cards.
However, I like the lessons offered as well. For beginners, there are basic lessons such as the the 3 types of characters in Japanese - hiragana, katagana and kanji. Followed by verb usage, to counters and even polite "Mr/Ms" enders (when to use -san, -chan, -sama, etc).

I particularly liked the flash card bank and the quiz function. Clear audio of the word's pronunciation is provided, and you can also flip the card to view the meaning of the newly learned vocabulary. Categories of the vocabulary include hiragana/ katagana characters, numbers, conversational phrases, slang to even proverbs. I especially liked proverbs... that's something new which an intermediate learner can pick up from. (Since there aren't many applications developed for intermediate/advanced learners. Let alone free ones.)

In addition, you can refresh your knowledge by quizzing yourself. A random set of 15 words will then be selected from the selected topic for each quiz.

Pocket Japanese - Beginner
If you prefer passage style, like school-based learning, this is the application for you. It adapts from the podcast, Japanese Pod 101 . From the passage, there is line-by-line audio revision, explanation of each line, and even grammar and vocabulary lessons based on selected phrases/ sentences from the passage.

Line-by-line audio

Flash cards based on new vocabulary

For the lite version, only one lesson is offered though.

Japanese Word of the Day
Need to build up more vocabulary? Use this iPhone application. Each new vocabulary is expressed in hiragana, and the meaning in English is also provided. There is no audio though.

This application reminds me of my twitter series, A Japanese Word A Day :)

Yup, so that's all for today's review. I shall post more reviews when I've tried other applications. Have fun learning Japanese! :)