Nov 5, 2009

Going Behind-the-Scene...

Back in September, we have started preparing...

1. Looked high and low for suitable talents. Lucky! We managed to find 2 'local' talents!

2. Dress-up time! Clothes, shoes, make-up, hair cream. Check. And, to my surprise, the most important tools were clips. Metal clips, which are commonly used to hold stacks of papers together, were really essential for dressing up. They were used to tighten clothes, straighten trousers, get the correct creases, etc.

3. Next is the action. How to pose to get the best angle and feel? Lots of patience is required from all parties at this stage.

4. Finally, this is the right angle! Snap! But it's never a waste to take a few more... snap, snap.

5. After the numerous shots, it's time to pick and choose. Mmmm... which is the best picture?

6. Even for the calculator shot, there are many samples to select from!

And guess what's all these leading to?

These are all in preparation for this year's National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign - Know Your BMI, Know Your Risks.

Using the BMI (Body Mass Index), we can measure the amount of body fat that we have and thus, find out which diseases and conditions we are more susceptible to. If your BMI value is 23 and above, it's time to be more cautious, and make changes to your lifestyle.

It's kind of scary watching the obesity wave hitting developed countries. Here's a clip on the obesity prevalence in America from 1985 to 2008.

Remember, don't wait, check your BMI today!