Oct 18, 2009

Revisiting Pulau Ubin after a decade or so...

Since the camping trips during Secondary 2, I have not been to Pulau Ubin again. I had very random memories of Pulau Ubin, ranging from the bright starry night to the old scrapped cars which were left to rust at a corner.

Finally, I've set foot onto Pulau Ubin again today. :)

You can take a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. It costs $2.50 per trip.

Momentarily, it did bring me away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore. Looking at the streets and houses, I did feel like I was taking a break away from Singapore.

You can rent a bike from the row of bicycle rental shops near the jetty. They come in all sizes.

We didn't manage to explore all of Pulau Ubin, only the area near the jetty, since we are on foot, and photography trip takes slightly more time. :P

And we found an interesting trail - the sensory trail, or otherwise known as the spices garden, or the secret garden. Once out of the trail, you can take the path from there to Chek Jawa. That will be about 3km away.

Next time, I will add Chek Jawa pictures to these memories as well:

Pulau Ubin, mata ne!