Jul 21, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler - Lesson 17

The third particle, we are going to cover is へ, which is used to express places the subject is going/ coming towards.

The structure of the phrase will be in this form:
[place] へ[action - eg: go, come]
[action eg: go, come] to [place]

For example:
go to the airport= kuukou he ikimasu = 空港へ行きます

My father went to the airport. = chichi wa kuukou he ikimashita. = 父は空港へ行きました。

Other examples:

  • I want to go to Japan. = watashi wa nihon he ikitai. = 私は日本へ行きたい。
    Refer to Lesson 6 on how to form tai-verbs to express wants.

  • The aeroplane is flying towards the west. = hikouki wa nishi he tondeimasu. = 飛行機は西へ飛んでいます。(hikouki= aeroplane, nishi= west, tobimasu= fly)