Apr 26, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simplier - Lesson 8

Today I will share on another way to express your wants. This time using "hoshii". This form is useful when the want you are expressing is a noun.

私は [noun] がほしいです。= watashi wa [noun] ga hoshii desu. = I want [noun].

  • I want to travel. = watashi wa ryokou ga hoshii desu. = 私は旅行がほしいです。

  • I want a new hairstyle. = watashi wa atarashii kamigata ga hoshii desu. = 私は新しい髪型がほしいです。(kamigata=hairstyle).

*The above form is only applicable for first person, ie, I. This is because it is based on the assumption that we do not know what the other person does not want, and we only know what we do not want.