Apr 19, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simplier - Lesson 7

After learning on how to express your wants using 'tai-form', it's now to learn how to express what you do not want, using the negative of 'tai-form'- the 'takunai-form'

xxx-masu to xxx-takunai

For eg:

  • ikimasu (go) -> ikitakunai (do not want to go)

  • mimasu (see) -> mitakunai (do not want to see)


Here’s the basic form of a sentence expressing what I do not want.

私は [want] [takuani-form]です.

  • I do not want to eat wasabi. = watashi wa wasabi o tabetakunai desu. = 私はわさびをた食べたくないです。

  • I do not want to buy a new car. = watashi wa atarashii kuruma o kaitakunai desu. = 私は新しい車を買いたくないです。(kuruma= car).

*[takunai-form] is only applicable for first person, ie, I. This is because it is based on the assumption that we do not know what the other person does not want, and we only know what we do not want.