Feb 22, 2009

Sharing Fox News....

Plurk is down.. tonight...

But that also gave me an opportunity to catch up on blogging here.
I've neglected this blog for weeks!

Here are some interesting pieces of news which I've caught on Fox News:
Married Women Sleep Better Than Single Women

In addition to the above, it is quoted "Caucasian and Japanese participants reported the highest rate of marital happiness." Mmmm.. but the study is in US context though. Wonder what will be the rate for Singapore?

Now on food:
Men Better at Suppressing Appetite Than Women

In the experiment, "...even though the women said they were less hungry when trying to inhibit their response to the food, their brains were still firing away in the regions that control the drive to eat." And guess what's the possible explanation given for such a behaviour: "Because the traditional role of the female is to provide nutrition to children, the female brain may be hard-wired to eat when foods are available".... huh? it makes us sound like birds (you know, like crows will bring food back, chew, and feed their young with them).

Cutting Calories May Boost Your Memory

Wonder if it's really true? It is observed that the group with a calorie-restricted diet has decreased levels of insulin and fewer signs of inflammation. According to researchers, that's why the cells are healthier, and thus, (perhaps?) leads to boost in memory. Mmm... maybe I should start trying out calorie-restricted diet too? But first to check out how much calories I need, the calories the food contain, etc.