Jan 18, 2009

Museum of Broken Relationships

I went to visit the roving exhibition of the Museum of Broken Relationships yesterday.

Unlike usual museums which showcased items of historical value, this exhibition showcases donated items from the public (from all over the world, including Singapore) and their stories of their fruitless relationships.

Through this avenue, it hopes to offer a chance to overcome any emotional collapse through art creation.

Each item is tagged with a story. It will state the place, date (of relationship), length of relationship and of course, the story. The story of the now defunct relationship.

Some are really very touching.

Especially this one…

The story of the key…

And its story:

Out of love for her, he had stayed away from any sexual activity with her.
And she only knew why after he'd left her forever.


A very sad story.
Of a couple who loved each other deeply.
But destroyed by, I suspect, depression.

Click larger size to view the story.

And how though the relationship came to an end,
it has at least made a positive impact on someone.

Read the story:

Some other exhibits also included letters, diary entries.
It feels rather strange to read a breakup letter, or a Valentine’s Day letter of a stranger.
Through the few pages of words,
We try to form the story in our head.
The characters of the male and female lead,
The struggles each had..
Why it didn’t work out and had to end anyway...

It can get pretty sad… while browsing the exhibits
So visit it with someone.

It’s really worth a visit.
Catch it while you can.
(It's free admission,
and today-18 Jan 09 is the last day in Singapore)
Before it roam another spot on the world.
It has already being showcased in Croatia, London and Berlin.

And if you would like to share your broken stories too,
Click here.

Meanwhile, on the way to Esplanade (Lvl 2 Jendela),
you can visit the photograph exihibition,
which began as an online photo-journal-
"Days with My Father"
Very touching piece of work.
It's at the Esplanade Tunnel.
Also ending today :P

P.S: As it's a very impromptu visit,
I did not bring my camera...
thus, the low quality of the pictures above.
They're taken using my very antique 2G phone