Oct 16, 2008

My latest read...

Read this in the latest issue of Reader's Digest:

Following a news item on the internet about cancer, I was explaining to my children about the illness and its effects. This prompted my 7-year-old son, Vyas, to ask, "Mum, what causes cancer?"
I said, "No one knows exactly. Doctors are still trying to find out."
He replied,"You mean even Google doesn't know?"
-Sreeperumbudur Ramya, Singapore

Kinda of cute to find that kids nowadays actually see "google" as a person/ occupation, a even more esteemed position than a doctor/ researcher. I often see "google" as a verb though. :)

Here's a site I spotted in the magazine:
It's a site to help one to stick through your goal.
First, post your goal, set the stakes (this will be penalities should you drop out halfway) and next look for supporters (that will be your friends). And you're on your way...

Mmm.. wonder if I should try it out?

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