Oct 11, 2008


Hi there, this shall be my first post on QQ's SandBox :)

I was inspired to start this blog after I attended the Social Media Breakfast 4, my first SMB.
Watching the panelists and other fellow bloggers/ social media advocates,
somehow, I felt that it would be nice to blog on my own journey as a new media aka social media newbie.

As my first sharing, check this out:
I clicked to buy it and I liked it
A very smart idea!
Converting something which maybe deemed as piracy in the past (eg. MTV) into a advertising avenue, to bring new revenues, a win-win for both Google and the other companies. 一石二鸟!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hey, let me be the first to post a comment on this blog. haha. Congrats for the start of a new blog! Looking forward to more entries from you :)


QQ said...

Hehe! thanks for your support!

Suqi said...

Very pretty design. Can I add it to my blog? haha

QQ said...

Mmm.. do you mean add my blog as a link to your blog? Sure!
What's your blog address?