Oct 26, 2008

Error, Scrapbooking & Women

Finally the long-awaited long weekend is here :)
Did some catching up on my feeds... and found these very interesting ones...

What does this error means?
i tried out with the 404 error, besides explaining what 404 means, it also gives solutions.

And for all who loved scrapbooking...
Here's an online version... ScrapBlog

I do travel logs (not exactly scrapbooking, as it's only decorated with text and photographs).
Scrapbooking can be a rather expensive hobby, a trip to the nearest scrapbooking store has befuddled me with loads of fancy papers, stamps, shape cutters, ribbons, stickers etc. And they aren't cheap...

So for a cheaper option, you can try ScrapBlog instead. Mmm.. but perhaps the fun of getting your hands dirty (actual touch of the papers with different textual, arranging, cutting and gluing) may be missed though.

And finally the article on women - or rather gender discrimination
If Women Were More Like Men

Most studies on gender discrimination compares between men and women of similar work experiences and educational level (anyway by that standard, there's a gap too). But this case it's different. It comparing a transgender- from a guy to a gal, is there any differences in treatment that he -> she gets? Apparently so... though it may be masked by the fact that workplaces may have certain discimination hiring transgender.

Interesting... wonder if there's a study outta to read on?

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