Sep 14, 2015

Makan Time at Kanda Wadatsumi ~ Shizuoka Special

Unagi, mikan, tomato, green tea, wasabi.... ah and unagi pie with ice-cream! *Drools*

If you are craving for Shizuoka food like me~ you should head down to Kanda Wadatsumi! From now to 26 September 2015, they will be offering authentic Japanese cuisine, with airflown produce from the Shizuoka prefecture.

They don't offer unagi pie dessert yet though. You can get the unagi pie goodness at Shunkado Unagi Pie Factory (Japanese)/ (English).

Thanks to the Shizuoka Prefectural Office based in Singapore, I get to try the dishes first-hand together with other lucky invited guests :)

First, let me introduce to you the most salmon-alike dish:

Don't they look like salmon sashimi? The texture is very similar, but the taste is less fishy. Guess what fish is this? It's the rainbow trout. They are farmed at Fujinomiya, the land of Mt Fuji. Therefore, the water used to breed them are all from Mt. Fuji. I highly recommend this to you if you usually don't take fish sashimi as you can't really stand the fishy taste. Enjoy the same goodness minus the fishiness.

Next introducing you to my most favourite dish of the day is the Deep Fried Rainbow Trout with Seaweed Glaze~

The seaweed glaze blends perfectly well with the deep fried rainbow trout. Wonder how they concoct the sauce?

My next recommendation is Shizuoka's tomato! Known as Amela Tomatoes, they are no ordinary tomatoes. To me, they are more like fruits, you know like melons, strawberries, and not vegetables, as you can just eat them on their own. It oozes sweetness. They are so famous for their sweetness locally (in Japan) that they appeared on TV programmes. That's how I came across them in the supermarket. Usually I just buy the cheapest to save up for domestic travel. From then I was a converted Amela Tomato fan. I missed Shizuoka's tomatoes terribly since I left Japan. Singapore doesn't (has yet...) import tomatoes from Shizuoka. But I heard the exporter is now working with suppliers to bring in tomatoes~

Once they are in, I can't wait to make this snack:
1. Slice tomatoes (not entirely)
2. Cut preserved plums into strips
3. Put a slice of preserved plum into the cut tomato such that it now forms the tomato-plum sandwich!
4. Refrigerate and serve cold

Probably lesser known to all gaijins, like us, one of Shizuoka many produces includes tuna. Try the Seared Albacore Salad, whereby albacore is a type of tuna:

This... you may have known. Shizuoka in particular Izu area is famous for sakura shrimp. I think the popularity of sakura shrimp is picking up in Singapore food scene. Now sakura shrimp sushi, etc, are more commonly available.

Sakura Shrimp Sushi from Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru. Ryoshi Sushi imports sakura shrimp from Numazu (which is in Izu).

At the food tasting session, we tried Sakura Shrimp Claypot Rice.

It tastes a bit dry for me...

But I love the Sakura Shrimp Tempura with Assorted Vegetables. Sakura Shrimp goes very well with tempura vegetables. I would like to try remaking this dish at home!

And of course, you have to end it with melons as desserts!

Introducing you the Musk Melon of Shizuoka, known as Lion Melons. They easily cost twice and thrice the price in Singapore. So I will always handcarry one when I am in Shizuoka Prefecture~ Their melons are juicy sweet, and their skin is thinner than our tropical melons, so you get more melon meat, more juice, and more sweetness. I once had a melon for 2 dinners. That's how satisfying it was. :P (those were the days, when I lived alone in Hamamatsu.)

They offer Lion Melons in Kanda Wadatsumi too~ Go try it!

Bon Appetit~

How to get there?
Kanda Wadatsumi
50 Tras Street
Singapore 078989

Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar Station
Nearest MRT exit: A

Kanda Wadatsumi holds various food fairs depending on seasons, as they are strongly supported by the Zengyoren Japan Fisheries Association, which represents all coastal fishermen in Japan. Do check their website/ facebook page for promotions!

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