Oct 27, 2013

世にも奇妙な物語 ~ New Perspectives Towards Marriage

It all started this autumn, when I stumbled upon a Japanese SP on "世にも奇妙な物語" also called "世界奇妙物语" or "Strange Tales in the World". The SP consists of 4 short stories, each lasted only about 20 odd minutes. Very short, concise, short and sweet. I like! You probably already know that though I am a drama addict, I am quite picky about the dramas I watch. For instance, I don't really like long dramas. I like dramas which wrap up under 20 episodes. Actually, 15 is a nice number, as I usually find plots draggy halfway.

Back to "世にも奇妙な物語". It is a series by Fuji TV. And it starts way back from 1990! It has more than 10 years of history! The stories may be fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance... but something in the story is definitely out-of-ordinary. Some are really awesome. Unexpected endings. Touching. *sniff* Or intriguing. *sets me thinking* All these action under 20 odd minutes. :D

Recently, there is quite a number of online commentaries and discussions on low birth rate, low marriage rate and even low dating rate in Japan. Whether it's true a not, it's quite controversial (referring to dating rate). I guess universally, developed countries all face the same problem of falling birth rate and later marriages. Singapore alike.

And the following 3 stories which I stumbled upon, actually brought some interesting insights or new theories on the topic of marriage. Something for your mind to chew on...

世にも奇妙な物語 2013 秋の特別編 仮婚
When we talk about marriage, we must first find a life partner we would like to settle down with. Mmm.. what is your ideal spouse like? No idea? How about having a role-play first to find out which type you are compatible with?

I like the twist in the ending! Unexpected!

Start from 2:23.

世界奇妙物語 2012 秋季特別篇 同坐一桌的戀人

Next, you have found someone. But is she/ he really "The One"? The following story sheds some light on how to identify him/ her.

Pretty touching. Like! Ah.. if only identifying "The One" is as simple as that in the story.

世界奇妙物語 2000 結婚模擬程式

Found him/ her. Now, we would like to embark on our next chapter- getting married. But first, let's get a wedding planner. Wow.. their services are so varied nowadays that they even provide simulation service of marriage life. But is it good to have a peek first? Mmm.. I wouldn't even if there's such a service in reality.
What's more! Takashi Kashiwabara 柏原崇 is starring in this story. I missed his dramas, since his work as 入江 直樹 Irie Naoki in "イタズラな Kiss" in 1996.

So what are your thoughts?

Actually each short movie tells a story behind the marriage/ dating scene in the society then. 肉食女? 素食男? 离婚? 爱情长跑?What's our role in a marriage? It led me thinking for a while. Hope they have brought new perspectives to you too. (^_^)

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