May 5, 2013

Finding Japan in Singapore ~ Makan trail ~ Sushi

Sushi is probably one of the first foods that comes to your mind when you think of Japanese cuisine.

Today, let me introduce you to a 回転すし (kaiten sushi, sushi served on conveyor belt) place in Singapore, which reminds me very much of the kaiten sushi outlets in Japan. It's especially similar to the カッパ寿司 Kappa Sushi chain, which offers affordable 100 yen sushi.

Located in Liang Court, a mall that specializes in Japanese cuisine and shops, 漁師寿司活けいけ丸 Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru, is probably no surprise to local Japanese or Japanese culture lovers.

What differs from our local kaiten sushi chains like Sakae, Ichiban Sushi/ Boshi and Sushi Tei, is the variety of dishes that Ryoshi Sushi offers.

I am particularly drawn to this variety of salmon sashimi sushi. Being a big fan of salmon, I have practically tried all varieties of salmon sushi whenever I visit Kappa Sushi in Japan.

Kappa Sushi

I found it interesting that a typical salmon sushi is actually with onions and mayonnaise! Of course, Kappa Sushi also offers the one without toppings サーモン(玉ねぎ無).

The toppings actually complement very well with the salmon sashimi.

And yes, Ryoshi Sushi, offers that! It is the first restaurant that I can find in Singapore that offers this salmon sushi:

Salmon sushi with onion and mayonnaise topping

Like all kaiten sushi, Ryoshi Sushi dishes are colour coded. Prices range from $1.80 to $6.80 (before tax and service charge) per plate, depending on the colours. Green is the cheapest, while black is the most expensive. In this case, yellow plates (salmon sushi) cost $2.80.

Have you also noticed that the sashimi are usually longer than the length of the sushi rice? This is also a typical feature of sashimi sushi in Japan. But somehow, in local kaiten sushi outlets, sashimi are usually much shorter.

Other less commonly found sushi varieties which you must try are:

Queen's Crab Sushi

Probably boiled or steamed, it still retains the sweetness of the crab. There are two pieces per plate, by the way. The sushi were too tempting so I ate one, before I caught it on film. :P It is on the slightly higher end of the range, costing $5.80 per plate.

Next, do give this sakura prawns a try:

Raw Sakura Prawns

Characterised by the reddish pink flesh, these prawns are named after the sakura. Sakura prawns are one of the specialties in Izu, where Ryoshi Sushi imported most of the seafood supplies from. (沼津 Numazu is a city in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture)

I have tried to order their tamago series, but they are always sold out on the occasions I went. Do let me know how they taste like if you have tried. I bet they must be really good.

Queues are quite long on weekends though. Do be prepared.

How to get there?
177 River Valley Road
Basement 1 Liang Court
(opposite Mediya Supermarket)

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