Dec 21, 2012

Cafe Hopping in Taiwan - 院子咖啡

Tired after a day of shopping? Would like to have a change of palate, no more night market today? Then this series is just right for you.

I will be sharing about the 5 cafes which I have visited this winter. A nice option to recharge in the midst of shopping and sightseeing while in Taiwan.

And the first cafe is....

Taipei - Da-an 大安区:院子咖啡 Yard Cafe

I spotted this cafe online, while I was doing research over where to lunch nearby when I was visiting my friend in Taipei. Captivated by the resident cat (a really chubby tom cat) and the pictures of the mouthwatering apple pie with vanilla ice-cream, we hurried to the cafe once it opened at 11am. Yeah. We were their first customers for the day!

The resident cat. (A more flattering picture~)

My favourites of the day: Tiramisu Latte and Apple Pie. You must order them when you visit! Strongly recommended!

Drools~ Besides food, the decor at the cafe puts one at ease. Very comfortable, cozy setting. Especially on a rainy afternoon in Taipei. What's better than lazing around in a cafe with a hot Tiramisu Latte, and some cat-watching. :P

Very close to the Da-an Forest Park (which is just minutes away from the Da-an MRT station), do give it a try next time when you are in the vicinity:

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