Mar 18, 2012

How to prepare Mochi Pizza

Mochi Pizza~
I got the inspiration from a Japanese cooking segment, whereby the chef demonstrated frying mochi in a pan. Usually, I would add them in 鍋 nabe dishes. (somewhat like steamboat, in Singaporean terms)

Slurps... appetizing-looking, isn't it? It's really easy to make as well, albeit a little tedious, if you only have a frying pan like me. (I don't have a toaster oven, oven nor microwave at home. Yeah, I am serious. (>_<) )

Ingredients needed:
  • Mochi (Cut in blocks)
  • Vegetables (Leafy)
  • Mushrooms (diced)
  • Garlic (diced)
  • Onion (diced)
  • Ham (cut into slices/ squares)
  • Ikan Bilis
  • Cheese
  • Seaweed (precut into kawaii shapes)

Seasoning for vegetable dish
  • Mirin 味醂
  • Light Soya Sauce
  • Pepper
  • Water


1. Prepare the vegetable dish first. Brown the diced garlic and diced. Add the vegetables and mushroom. Add seasoning to flavour.

2. Pan fry ham.

3. Pan fry ikan bilis.

4. Pan fry mochi block.

Cook till it is soft. It is easy to overcook, hence be careful. You can use an oven instead to toast it.

5. On the soft mochi block while in the frying pan, add cheese.

6. Once cheese is melted, transfer mochi blocks to serving plates.

7. Add toppings in this order: Stir-fried vegetables, fried ham, fried ikan milis, pre-cut seaweed.

Ready to serve :)

You can explore with other toppings and create your own mochi pizza!

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