Oct 8, 2011

Finding Japan in Singapore ~ Makan trail ~ Udon

Time flies! It's already 2 months back home! :)

But I still have this naggy homesickness feeling... missing my 2nd home... Japan. Like when I first went over, I first missed the people, now the food, and next the environment and my life there. But that's a whole other reverse culture shock story to tell another day.

So now, I turn to my comfort food, which has changed as well. I now go on a search for all-things Japanese. As authentic as possible.

For other fellow Japan-lovers, who miss Japan, this new series is for you. My Finding Japan in Singapore series. First to debut will be the makan series, as I share on the authentic Japanese makan places on our tiny red dot, Singapore.

Just newly opened at Lau Pa Sat, the Udon Factory 藤井製麺所 stall, is almost like any udon stall in the food court in Japan. The first authentic udon makan place I have encountered in Singapore!

So what's so special?

First, the Sanuki udon 讃岐うどん. Ingredients for the udon are imported from Kagawa Prefecture 香川県, which is also famous for their udon.

Secondly, the variety of udon selections. Unlike the usual shouyu udon, that we are so familiar with. This udon stall's selections are closer to the ones in Japan. For example: 釜揚げうどん Kamage udon, かけうどん Kakeudon,きつねうどん Kitsune udon and 釜玉うどん Kamatama udon. (read more on udon varieties)

My fave- 釜玉うどん Kamatama udon, topped with vegetable tempura ✿(。◕‿◕。)

Thirdly, the sale model is very much like the authentic one as well. First, customers decide on which udon they want. Then choose the size (normal or double). Next you can add other toppings, like prawn tempura, vegetable tempura, pumpkin tempura, onigiri, etc. Then finally, you pay at the cashier, which is at the end of the row.

Prices are very reasonable as well. My Kamatama udon with a vegetable tempura topping cost $5+, which is like what Singaporeans would say, foodcourt prices. Considerably cheap for an authentic udon meal.

Keen to give Udon Factory a try?

Here's how to get there:
Lau Pa Sat, Stall 32 (It has a size of 2 stalls), right behind Wendy's.

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The stall opens from 11am to 8pm. But before 12 noon, there is already a long queue forming. They will then close at 2pm and then open later during the day for dinner business. So do go earlier to beat the lunch crowd!


Unfortunately, the Udon Factory has closed down its only branch in Singapore. :(

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