Aug 14, 2011


The first name I had for my blog is "QQ's Sandbox" as I would like it to document with my life experiments, my life experiences, the little knick-knacks, knocks, triumphs in life.

But to say it in layman's term, I was probably a mere lifestyle blogger. Pretty random topics, mostly about my interest, photography trips.

Then came the dream, "QQ's Adventure in Japan", and the blog lived up to its name. I was an avid blogger, and practically blogged every week. That was my highest frequency. I travelled widely (umm.. within Japan) and tried to share every tip I deemed useful for anyone who wished to work/ live/ DIY-travel in Japan.

And.. then... now. I am back in Singapore. For good. It's a transition. I still feel like I am on a homecoming holiday, instead of the real feeling of settling down back at my hometown where I missed so much while in Japan. Everything is so familiar yet if you paid more attention. Some things are not the same anymore. Just a year. Yes. Just a year, but the details have changed. People. Buildings. Stuff. Since change is the constant variable in life.

So... I guess I will rename my blog as "QQ's Transition".

All for the better! 頑張ります!