Feb 23, 2011

Baby steps in Calligraphy

Thanks to a nice Calligraphy teacher, I started to attend lessons with one of my classes once a week. :)

Starting from how to hold the brush to finally! learning how to write kanji. Yes! I am finally learning how to write my own kanji name.

My first class on how to hold the brush and drawing curves. We later proceeded to writing hiragana. It reminded me of my English Calligraphy classes during my secondary school days.

We proceeded to writing kanji! (*Name has been photoshopped away.) The one on the left is the perfect model by my teacher, and the one on the right is mine. Her words look like characters typed from the computer! Amazing! さすが先生だ!

But as the classes actually put in more hours a week on Calligraphy, but I only have one hour a week, I am way behind my students in calligraphy skills. My writings look like scribblings from a kid. :P Nevertheless, these classes are very precious to me.

♥ I really enjoy Calligraphy! ♥